Choose the Relais & Wellness Borgofico means sleep in one of the most famous charming places of Rome, near Piazza Navona.

From our prestigious location you can visit the city as you want.
You can enjoy long walks on foot or rent a Vespa as in the film la Dolce Vita to reach the places that interest you as the Vatican.

Here is a list of the places that will amaze you, they are almost all in the surroundings of the hotel!

Piazza Navona

Usually those who arrive in Piazza Navona are always amazed, this Baroque masterpiece of Rome, occupies the space that was previously intended to accommodate the Stadium of Domitian. Its rectangular shape, in fact, helps us to imagine how his appearance was before the transformation.
It is very charming to sit down on a bench and imagine the square as the scenario Greek games that took place in this stage and which Domitian attended every time.
Piazza Navona is also the most elegant and joyful square of Rome, thanks to tourists and people from Rome who come here to eat or to enjoy a nice coffee and thanks to the street artists that animate it in every season.
The square is embellished by two beautiful monuments: the Fountain of the Rivers and the Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone.


An old prophecy of the Venerable Bede, of the VIII century, played:
"As long as the Colosseum, will be there also be Rome will; when the Colosseum will fall, even Rome will fall; when Rome will fall, even the world will fall"
The Colosseum is a must at world level to visit, a colossal monument that has earned us an eternal fame, just as this city.
This large amphitheatre reigns supreme over Rome from 79 A.D.  thanks to the willingness of Vespasian that ordered the construction.  This giant boasts a circumference of 527 meters and could hold up to 70,000 seats.
The games that were played here were mainly of 3 types: the Naumachie, i.e. the evocative naval battles, in occasions of which, the amphitheatre was filled with water, the Munera, i.e. the fights between gladiators and the Venationes, i.e. hunting wild animals.

Piazza di spagna

The marvellous staircase with 136 steps, Trinitã dei Monti, introduces us to Piazza di Spagna, one of the most famous of Rome. This square owes its name to the palace of Spain that is the headquarters of the embassy of the Iberian Peninsula.
At the centre of the square stands the Fontana della Barcaccia, a baroque work of Pietro Bernini and his son Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
The square is surrounded by ancient buildings. In its right corner, there is the house-museum of the English writer John Keats, which can be visited. In the left corner, instead, rises the famous tea room Babington's that dates back to the distant 1893.
Another important palace is the one that stands on the side of Via Frattina, Palazzo Propaganda Fide, whose front facade was designed by Bernini while the side by Borromini.


The smallest Sovereign State in the world is just a few km from our Relais and can be easily reached on foot.
The centre of the Vatican is represented by the most visited Basilica in the world, the Basilica of St. Peter, from where every Sunday the Pope prays the Angelus.
Another treasure without equal of this State is the one contained inside the Vatican Museums, one of  the largest museums in the world, for this reason, the queue at the entrance is always very long. Remember to book online in time.
Absolutely not to be missed is the famous Cappella Sistina studied worldwide by the most famous Art Schools, Italian pride without equal.
The evocative Vatican Gardens are the place where the Holy Father rests and meditates and can be visited in two hours guided visit
Even the area around the Vatican, called Borgo, is very characteristic to visit, thanks to its narrow streets.


The beautiful Pantheon, is really just a few minutes’ walk from the Relais Borgofico. In Greek, Pantheon means the house of all the gods, and it is for this reason that this monument was one of the most important.
The Pantheon is located in the Rione Pigna, in the historic heart of Rome and its original construction dates back to 27 A.C. by Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus.
Following the fires of 80 and 110 A.C., the Pantheon was lost and it was only rebuilt by Hadrian in 120 A.C.
This structure dominates the surrounding space with its particular shape: a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. The temple is a great circular space joined to a majestic portico with Corinthian columns. We challenge you not to try awe in front of the giant bronze portal, which leads to the interior.
This monument has always aroused the curiosity of the people and many legends related to it have come down to us, the more popular says that the Temple stands today in the place where Romulus, was seized by a big eagle to be brought by the Gods.

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