Jacuzzi® Spa

Borgofico is a Boutique Hotel certified original wellness Jacuzzi®.

There are few hotels, in the historic centre of Rome that can offer this special service. At Relais Borgofico, in addition to finding in 6 rooms on 7, an original Kaleidos Jacuzzi® shower, guests can book the entire wellness area of the hotel for private use.

The wellness area is located just behind the lobby and is composed of sauna, Turkish bath and a beautiful whirlpool. Guests can reserve this space and, after a nice relaxing treatment, may enjoy complimentary tea and coffee always available on the reception hall. In addition, it is also possible to book six different types of massage.

Wellness in Borgofico is part of the stay from morning till evening.

Relaxing Massage (50 min.)
Stimulates circulation and nervous balance favouring a psycho-somatic wellness

Anti-stress Total Body Massage (50 min.)
Promotes the oxygenation and improves the psychophysical balance

Legs / Abdomen Massage (50 min.)
Dissolves stress and helps streamline the belly and legs

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 min.)
Favours the lymphatic circulation, purifies the organism and relaxes the muscle fibres

Ayurveda Massage (50 min.)
Re-establishes a balance between mind and body, stimulating especially the energy centres of the organism, the so-called chakras

Relaxing Face / Neck Massage (50 min.)
Reduces ageing, relaxes and give brilliance to the skin


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